smoke_house_cheese_smThis cheese is one of the finest deluxe soft cheddar cheeses you will ever find.  Longtime customers consider themselves to be cheese connoisseurs and they believe this to be the best cheese they have ever tasted.

There are a lot of smoked cheeses on the market and all of our customers come back year after year for the smooth creamy quality Steve’s Smoked Cheese provides.

The cheese is hand-cut into 1/4 lb cubes, providing for a perfect slice for entertaining.
A 1/4 lb cube will provide one plate of appetizers.


The cheese is “hot” smoked in an all western cedar smokehouse which is known as the most aromatic of all woods. It is smoked for six hours and turned every hour, allowing the rich smoke flavor to truly penetrate the center of each 1/4 lb cube.


We only”hot” smoke the finest salmon, which comes fresh daily, direct from the mouth of the Campbell River in Canada. This salmon has never been frozen. Our salmon has a very mild salty taste.  It has a very moist texture and is incredibly flavorful.

Current Salmon and Cheese Pricing

Salmon - $22 per lb
Cheese (original smoked Cheddar, White and Jalepeno) - $14 per lb!

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gift_basket_smAs the holidays approach, THINK CHEESE!  Steve’s Smoked Cheese & Salmon® makes the perfect addition for gift baskets, party platters, house warming, backpacking and so much more!

When purchased, the cheese and salmon are vacuum packed for optimal freshness and will last up to 12 months if refrigerated and wrapped properly.  Don’t wait, order your cheese and salmon today!

cheese_platterGrate cheese and add to either an egg omelet, baked or mashed potatoes, chili, spaghetti salad or our personal favorite nachos.  Excellent appetizers such as cheese with fresh apple slices, fondue with French bread, Smoked cheese and Keebler Club crackers with your choice of meat or Steve’s Smoked Salmon®.

Steve’s Smoked Salmon is excellent with a glass of your favorite wine (Pinot Noir) or your favorite beer!  For optimal flavor, always serve cheese at room temperature.  You can simply warm the cheese up to room temperature by microwaving for no more than ten seconds at a time.


21 local Albertson stores are now selling our product.
Be sure to check your local Albertson’s for Smoked Cheddar and Smoked Jalapeno.

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