We are an Independent Contractor of Steve’s Hot Smoked Cheese and Salmon. Steve has spent the past 45 years perfecting the smoking processes for both the cheese and the salmon but has never put these delicious products into the mainstream market.

We have been working with Steve and Karla for the past 4 years learning and perfecting his fabulous recipes and processes, mainly to swindle Steve out of free cheese and salmon for our efforts in helping him maintain his growing customer base.

Our business came into play in 2007 when Steve decided to spread his wings and take his products out into the public market place.

We now manufacture and market these four great products by preparing and smoking them at our new, local shop in the town of South Prairie, Washington.

Our small business is monitored by the Pierce County Agriculture and Health Departments.  We are fully Licensed and Insured for doing Safe and Integral business.

Our goal is to grow and integrate all our family members in the years to come to serve these two products to the public, which we feel is the “Best Kept Secret” in the Northwest today.

Click here to find out which local establishments carry our smoked cheese and salmon.

Our family looks forward to serving you the best Smoked Cheese and Salmon in the Northwest today.  Who knows?  Maybe even the world……

It ain’t easy being CHEESY !!!!!

The Kauzlarich Family
Mark & Tanya

All our products are products 100% guaranteed.

Winner of the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Best Smoked Salmon