Our “HOT” smoked cheese is not a Spicy Hot.  It is a very flavorful, soft, mild, creamy cheddar that is heated up in our custom made cedar smokehouse to where it almost melts.  We rotate our cheese so it smokes completely to the center of the cheese.  This process makes our cheese unique to the market as we are the only cheese maker providing this new hot smoked cheese in the Northwest.  Our cheese is commercially vacuum packed for long shelf life and optimal freshness.  (Keep out of direct sunlight)

We offer our “HOT” smoked cheese in four different types of packaging for use with many different types of outdoor events, gift ideas, cooking and retail sales.

*NEW* We now offer Jalepeno and a Wisconsin White Creamy Cheddar! The Jalepeno and Wisconsin White Creamy Cheddar are offered in 1/2 lb packs.

Shown on the left pictures is a sampling of our 1/2 lb packaging.  Many retailers like this package for retail sales or gift ideas, such as gift baskets, boxes and party trays. Also bulk buying for restaurants and food markets.

All cheese is $25 per lb

(Cheddar, White and Jalepeno)


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 3.13.43 PM

We offer 2 types of Smoked Salmon packaging.

1/2 lb packages (above) for retail sales, big events, gift ideas and cooking in restaurants.

Our smoked salmon is commercially vacuumed packed for long shelf life and optimal freshness. We use a special dry rub of spices and sugars making our Smoked Salmon one of the most flavorful, non salty, and moist salmons on the market today.

All salmon is $35 per lb


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